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(This website is maintained by SoCal Nexus, LLC)
Steps for Former FBI Agents
Who Want to Submit or Change Their Information On
The Former FBI Agent List
Summary of steps:

1. Log into your SFSAFBI Account using a regular computer, and not a smartphone. Steps 2 and 3 below are much easier on a regular computer.

2. Go to the Directory and look up the profile of Chris Nelson in California who has a business named SoCal Nexus, LLC.

3. Find the 5-digit code in the "More Information" section of Chris Nelson's profile.   Please do not share this code with others.

4. Put the code into the appropriate field of the form below.

5. Fill out the other parts of the form below and submit it.

Before we put your information on the list, we go into the SFSAFBI directory and confirm that you are a valid member. The information you want us to put on the list does not have to perfectly match what is in the SFSAFBI directory, but enough of it needs to be the same for us to be confident you are who you say you are.

Please be sure you used the current 5-digit code. It changes frequently.

Use this form to submit your information to for placement on the list. When you submit the form, you are authorizing to put your information on the Internet. Use this form for first-time submissions, or for corrections to your existing listing:

<a href="">Click Here To Load This Form</a>

Please note that any phone numbers and email addresses you put on the list will likely become targets of telemarketers and spam emailers. Everything you submit on the form (except for the comments and the contact email address at the bottom of the form) will end up on the Internet (assuming your posting qualifies for the list). If you already have these listed on your website, then you're probably already getting the spam and telemarketing, but it's something to consider as you decide what information to provide.
Thank you.

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