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(This website is maintained by SoCal Nexus, LLC) is a website designed to help the public locate former FBI Agents who now work in various occupations such as security, private investigations, legal, accounting, financial advisory, photography and other.

The core feature of this site is the list of former FBI Special Agents. These are former Agents who have requested that their contact information be made available to the public.

Access to the list is simple, costs nothing, and requires no login or password.

Former FBI Agents who want to be listed on the site can do so for free.

If you are a former Agent and want to be listed on this site, please follow the steps on the How to Submit page.

This site is managed by a former FBI Agent (see SoCal Nexus, LLC.)

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Sorted Geographically

You will see that the list is sorted geographically, by State and by County, to help you find the right person in the right location.


Please see the FAQ Page for additional details, legal disclaimers, etc.

Members of SFSAFBI

Former FBI Agents listed on this website are members of the Society of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (SFSAFBI). Please this this site's SFSAFBI page for more information.

How to Submit Information

Former FBI Agents who want to be on the list can follow the directions on the How to Submit page.

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